It Has Arrived!

Sooooo sorry for the delay!  We have been out of internet service out at our first location, which is something we are trying to remedy, so that we can continue updating pics and blog posts!
Greg of Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses helping us set her up!
More pictures will be here soon, when we're all settled!  I'll also make a video tour once I have time.  

June 25, 2015

Today is the Day!

Today is the day our tiny house is set to arrive!  After lots of setbacks & bumps in the road (some literally), this day has finally come.  We are very excited! :)

Here are some photos Greg of Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses took as he's been driving all the way from Durango, Colorado to Lafayette, Indiana...
"The pequod has set sail!"
"We crested the continental divide. More importantly, we made it down to south fork safely!" 
"La Veta Pass"
"Kansas state line on a summer solstice sunset"
"The Show Me state put on quite the show Sunday evening following a thunderstorm"

 Next Stop, INDIANA!!! :D

 June 22, 2015