Here She is... Beautiful Inside & Out!


Even though we're not quite all settled and nested, I figured you all didn't care too much, that you just want to see the inside (I know because enough of you have told me so).  So, I shall swallow my pride, set aside my standards of completeness, and invite you all (friends, family and strangers) into my home.  Isn't she beautiful!?  She is 26' long, 8.5' wide and 13.5' tall (within limits to drive legally without a special permit or license).  She weighs 11,500lbs without our clothes, toys, toiletries and dishes.  An easy-peasy pull for our Ford F-350! ;)
The blue siding is supposed to be a navy blue... which it will be by the end of summer, hopefully!
Now, let me take you inside!  As soon as you enter you see our console table/breakfast nook/dining table/storage area:
We have the table set up as a console table during the day.  The storage cubes function as extra seats & storage.

Now it's breakfast time...
This is the way the kids eat their breakfast in the mornings.
Now it's dinner time...
It was important for me to have the ability to continue our tradition as eating as a family most nights.
That's where we eat, now let's go to where the food is made...

The curvy hickory and walnut butcher-block countertops continue the wave/nautical theme.

I wanted curtains instead of cabinets to help with the weight, and this way we have a bunch more usable space!
The sink cover helps extend the kitchen space, as well as provides a nice cutting board (and, ahem... can easily hide dirty dishes when guests arrive unexpectedly)
Open storage shelves, because I thought cabinets would make it feel too cramped.

Plenty of food storage in the custom designed food pantry!
Now let me back up a little bit before I turn around and take you ALL THE WAY OVER to the other side of the house!
Custom made arched top French doors (handles are high so that deck can fold up during transport)
Our living room/dining room windows (which will have bamboo shades by the end of summer)
Now, the other side...
Salvaged portholes going up the stairs.
And plenty of storage space under the stairs with secret compartments! :D
Here's our seating... comfy cushions will be made soon!

Right next to the seating is our tiny & adorable wood stove, which will be our primary heating.
The "Master Closet" (4'7" wide), will have a curtain.
The kids closet / laundry room, will also have a curtain once I find the perfect one.

On to the head:
I'm really loving our garden window in the bathroom and how much light it brings in!

Nature's Head composting toilet, and my awesome octopus vase I made in high school (no it's not a "Snake Pot" Aaron)!  The octopus pot holds our peat moss, which we use for the composting toilet.  It's okay folks... this is literally my husband's field of study... he's a graduate student at Purdue for Environmental Soil Chemistry.  He's got this under control. 
The shelf above the toilet holds our single ply T.P., towels, and our essential bathroom reading materials. ;)
We had our friend, Anne (a pipe bending pro... no really) make this shower curtain rod for our tiny shower. 
The Washer & Dryer combo magic.
Having the "laundry room" inside the closets was a MUST HAVE!  And it's just as amazing as I expected.
There will be a curtain here in between the main living area and the closets, to be used as a dressing room when needed.
When you look up, you see the see-through cat-walk made out of very thick plexi-glass (up until this photo I still had the protective paper cover over it, to make sure it looked nice and shiny for pictures) ;)

Now let's go up to the lofts!!!  Going up the stairs...

The "Master Loft"
That beautiful stained glass was a gift from our builder (Greg of Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses).  It is our tiny house, The Pequod, and a phoenix merged into one.  Such a sweet, special piece of glass!
View from Master Loft looking towards the Kid's loft.

During the night, this is the kid's "sleeping loft"
During the day, their beds fold up into little couches, which gives them lots of room to play with their toys!

View from kid's loft across the catwalk into Master loft (with their beds laid out again).
Everyone has their own eyebrow window.

Looking down from Master Loft.
Getting ready to head on back downstairs.  I am in love with this roofline! 

Here are some more photos of the outside:

Notice my cute little munchkin photo-bombers. :)
The Pequod's backside.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit!  Look forward to a video tour walk-through!  

July 10, 2015
All Photos Subject to Copyright.  Do Not Use Photos Without Permission.


  1. Impressive. What a lot of planning this must have taken. Do you really plan to move it around? We live further north. I can't imagine that little stove being warm enough in winter, but maybe in Indiana.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I've been dreaming this up since childhood! Our original plan was to take it around the country for a year, but our plans have changed (as they always seem to), and we're staying in Indiana until December. After that, are current plan is to head south for the winter, but we're not positive as we need to figure out insurance (which is proving to be very difficult). Our very first home in Indiana was 1400sqft, and we used a wood stove for heating the entire winter, and an Edenpure for back-up. We still have the Edenpure for back-up... which would probably actually heat the entire tiny house easily by itself. But we didn't want to depend on electric heat since one day we hope to use solar.

  2. incredible... its like I'm having a good vibes in it, it makes me smile early in the morning.

  3. This is amazing! Absolutely beautiful!

  4. Micaela & JoshJuly 23, 2015 at 10:02 AM

    Love your tiny house and blog! My husband and I just recently moved to Lafayette from Seattle. We would love to pick your brain about where you found a place to park your tiny house and how you found it! Thanks so much,
    Micaela & Josh

    1. Thanks! What brought you over to Lafayette from Seattle? We're actually wanting to try out the NorthWest sometime in the nearish future. We were thinking somewhere in Washington or Oregon. :) We actually have family here in Indiana. We're on my sister-in-law's land (7 acres?) about 15 minutes south of town. We also have his parents that live on a Christmas tree farm (6 acres) a half hour south that would be another option. In a month or so, we're moving to West Lafayette onto his advisor's property (20 acres) about 6 miles from Purdue. Unfortunately all I can say about finding a place to park is making contacts and local networking. I highly doubt we'd ever be able to park anywhere in or near Lafayette's city limits... unless we parked at a campground, but the RV campgrounds in town are not nice. I would just start asking colleagues or new friends if they know anybody with land that might consider it. Here in Indiana, I think it would be fair to offer somebody around $200-400 a month for a spot to park your THOW if they offer water and electric hookup.

    2. The way your adorable house looks, it needs to be in Southern Oregon. You would love it here. 4 seasons!

  5. Hi Crystal! My Name is Christine, my family of 4 currently lives in Indiana as well! I am in awe of your new transition. We have been talking about downsizing and living tiny for a couple of months now. We have 2 kids, almost 3yo and 16M. I was wondering what kind of financing you had available, down payment, and overall cost for your beautiful home! The builders did a fantastic job and your style is so beautiful and creative! Also my husband was wondering how you would think winters would go in such a limited space, so since you are planning to head south for the has rainy days been?

    1. Christine, is there a way I can email you directly? I don't normally make my financial info public. ;) As for winters... our original plan was to be out of Indiana by the end of August, but we're now here until Christmas. So, we'll let you know how that goes! I don't think I could do a full winter here in Indiana in a tiny house with kids not in school yet! The outdoors just adds so much extra square footage of living space for us, but yes, we moved into our tiny just in time for the crazy torrential rains we've had this summer in IN. We've been okay "cabin fever" wise... we go to the local library, have playdates, or go grocery shopping or something if we need to get out during rainy days.

  6. Hi Crystal thanks for your response! I would love to hear from you directly (!

  7. Your home is gorgeous! I've been debating and researching tiny living for me and my kids and I love the concept, especially in the Midwest. I'm in Illinois and been seeking something similar to this. Would you allow physical tours in the future?

    1. Thank you! And yes! Just email me at the TheBigMiniLife Facebook page and we can set up a tour. :)

  8. I'm beginning my tiny house build shortly and have been looking at a wood stove model similar to yours for cold climates. Were you happy with the wood stove performance in your tiny house? Any suggestions? Thank you so much

    1. So far we've only lived in the tiny house in the summer, so we haven't had a chance to try out the wood stove and it's capabilities. I'll update the blog when we do!

    2. Forgot to update, but the wood stove is more than enough to heat the entire tiny house very well. And if you don't feel like starting a fire, the EdenPure heater is perfect for that size. We were never cold inside the tiny. :)

  9. Hi Crystal ...there are so many small details that I love that make your TH truly unique (i.e., accordion kitchen window, bathroom garden window & etc).

    One thing I've never seen before in a TH is the cat-walk to the kids area. Just curious how safe you feel it is? For example if the kids have to get up in the middle of the night to use toilet ...I do see some railing in place, and obviously as parents you're going to make it safe for them. Just wondering what materials you used for this, what the weight limit is & the cost to make it?

    Also, curious as to why no handrails were put into place for the stairs since you have wee ones or even just for yourselves? Was that something you considered & how difficult would it be do have them (i.e. space-wise, cost & etc)?

    If you don't wish to post any financials publicly, then you can email me at or send a PM on my FB page (DreamBIGliveLITTLE):, as I would be interested in the overall cost of this home.

    I do like to post costs on my FB when referencing a TH, but if you prefer I don't post ANY financials ...just say the word or tell me what you will allow me to post in reference to cost, such as the cost of this catwalk. I know many that visit the page would like to know this.

    Anyway ...KUDOS on your TH ...I will be sharing it on the FB page mentioned. Thanks in advance! Blessings to you & your family. I pray safety for all of you during your travels O:-) <><

    1. Thanks Deb!

      The catwalk feels pretty safe to me. The builder used a custom made steel frame underneath, and it is very thick plexi-glass. I can't remember how much it is rated for weight wise, or the price of it to build, that's something you might want to ask the builder Greg (of Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses). There are cables stretched across the catwalk and to keep the kids from falling out of their loft. About the handrail: our builder actually forgot to add that. I had asked for a long piece of driftwood to be used as the railing. So, I've been trying to figure out what I'm going to use there. I'd still like driftwood, but don't know where I'd get it. I may end up using a very thick piece of bamboo instead. I'll private message you about costs.

  10. This is a beautiful home! I love the unique design you guys have! The sleeping area with the glass bridge is such an awesome touch! My boyfriend and I are currently building a tiny house and we keep talking about what unique thing we want to do for our house. I realized that it's unique because we are building it out of a retired semi truck trailer. We also have a blog on if you would like to check it out. The link is I will definitely be looking at your house again for inspiration!

  11. What a pretty home, so many special touches. Did you build the dining table yourself or was it purchased? It would work perfectly in our space. Thanks and good luck with your travel plans.

  12. My family and I are starting to design our tiny home. We are a family of 4 and dinner time is super important to us. Where did you get your table??? It would be absolutely perfect in our space. Beautiful home. Thanks for sharing your experience.


  13. My family and I are planning our tiny home. We are a family of 4 and love to spend time eating meals together. I was wondering where you got your great table? It would be perfect for us. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home.


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