First Month Interview & Reflections

Although this post is more than a month late, I promise all the info is true and accurate, relayed directly from my notebook. :)


     Me: "Did you fart!? Uh!!  
     Hubby: "No!  I swear!"

1. We noticed early on that our first location was down wind of a lovely pig farm.  Hmm, interesting... good thing our house is on wheels and we don't have to be stuck here forever!

     Me: "I'm gonna call Anne and see if she wants to come out tomorrow, if it's not raining."

2. We learned that you can only really have company over when it's nice outside.  It allows for lots of extra needed square-footage space.

     Me: "Let's go outside!"

3. We spend about 90% more time outdoors.  Barefoot & Dirty.  This makes me happy!

I came up with some questions and interviewed Aaron (my hubby) exactly one month after moving into our new tiny home (I apologize for his very stereotypical man answers).  I have included my responses in red for a 2nd point of view.

Q: Over all, are you glad you made this change?
A: "Yes." 
~ "No doubt."
Q: Why?
A: "Better way to live" 
~ "There's an immediate burden lifted, I'm no longer feeling overwhelmed."
Q: What has surprised you the most?
A: "How functional it is... there's no real loss of functionality." 
~ "How much space there is!  Personally, I could go smaller."
Q: What is something you miss?
A: "Biking to work"
~ "Nothing yet."
Q: How do you feel about the 30 minute commute?
A: "I hate it.  I can't bike anymore or take the [city] bus"
~ "I actually feel the drive is quite peaceful.  So I kind of enjoy it."

Q: How do you feel about house guests?
A: "I love the simplicity, but miss the over-night capabilities."  
~ "It is interesting... an adventure for all of us.  We have to figure out who will get the Tempurpedic, and who gets the air mattress in a tent outside?"
Q: How do you feel about "Family Time" now?
A: "Definitely no lack of it.  We had a lot before too."
~ "It's summer.  My kids (age 3 & 5) are always with me.  Ask me when school starts." 
Q: Have you ever wanted privacy or personal space and couldn't get it?
A: "No, I never really use privacy."
~ "No, not really."
Q: Have you noticed any difference in the kids?
A: "No."
~ "They play together and fight with one another the exact same amount."
Q: How do you feel about the amount of time spent indoors vs. outdoors now?
A:"Before [the outside] was some place we sent the kids, like another room, while we sat on the couch.  I don't miss the amount of couch sitting we did."
~ "I lOVE it!  It makes me so happy to see the kids enjoying the outdoors more!  Breathing in fresh air all day also does wonders for my happiness."

Q: What is one word to describe the tiny house?
A: "Sufficient."
~ "Perfect."
Q: Is there anything in the over-all design that you would change?
A: "Sofa needs a footrest."
~ "The window on the deck (beside the front doors), I would change from a casement window to a double hung window, so that it doesn't protrude out onto the deck space."
Q: How do you feel about our new kitchen sans microwave and dishwasher?
A: "I love it."
~ "I thought I would really miss my microwave, but realized I only ever really used it to reheat my coffee... so I got over it pretty quickly."
Q: How do you feel about the size of the kitchen?
A: "Love it."
~ "Perfect."
Q: How do you like cooking on a gas stove now?
A: "I like it better [than electric]."
~ "I dislike gas appliances, but understand the efficiency of them for a tiny house, and if we ever wanted to be off-grid capable.  However, Aaron's the cook, I so just don't think about it." :)
Q: How do you feel about the bathroom, in particular the Nature's Head composting toilet?
A: "Parenting and Soil Science has prepared me to deal with it."
~ "It's better than I thought."  It doesn't even smell bad, and it's actually really comfortable!"
Q: What do you think of the size of the bathroom?
A: "Fine."
~ "The space to do what we need to do is sufficient, however the bathroom sink is so small that when I wash my face, I get a lot of water on the floor."
Q: What are your thoughts on the closet space?
A: "Haven't noticed a difference."
~ "There's plenty of space for everything we want or need!"
Q: What you do think about the washer & dryer combo?
A: "Drying cycle takes too long"
~ "Dry cycle does take a while, but is not a problem when you stay on top of the laundry and do a load every day.  If you put a load in before bed, you have clean clothes to put away in the morning.  So, it's not a big deal to me."
Q: What are your thoughts on the lack of Air Conditioning?
A: "Don't miss it; not a requirement; don't mind sweating."
~ "There have only been a couple days so far where I've even thought about it.  We've all acclimated pretty well.  Plus, this Indiana summer is very temporary."
Q: What do you think of the deck?
A: "Use it less than I thought.  The doors and window are in the way."
~ "I don't know what he's taking about.  We use it all the time.  Every single day.  The house wouldn't feel complete without the deck."

Are there any other questions you would like to ask us?

~ August 26, 2015

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