Shades of Blue

I've finally gotten around to painting the bright blue board and batt siding to the color it was intended to be all along, navy blue!  I only have the first coat on so far.  I was going to do the second coat this week, but it is stupid hot here all week. :/  I'll get to it, promise!  I'll post more pics when it's all done! :)  For a sneak peek, here's the before and after (old blue on the left, new blue on the right):

We already like it so much better! 

September 2, 2015

Our New Location

Here's our new view to the West (out our front doors):
Our gracious host's home.
Here's our view to the North:
They own 20 acres in a great location!
Here's our view to the East:
The barn where we get our electricity.
Here's our new view to the South:

Our new location is very ideal!  Close to Purdue, the kid's school, the gym, the library, shopping and everything else! :)

September 1, 2015