First Snow

This is a 3 in 1 post:
1: The Pequod's first snow!
2: Finally a photo of the Pequod's temporary/collapsible awnings (WAY late)
3: A photo of the new blue siding color (also late)

THE FIRST SNOW!  It's not even Thanksgiving yet and Indiana has delivered some beautiful snow!  The Pequod is holding up well to it's first snow of the season...

We weren't expecting to be here for the Indiana winter when we started the tiny house process, so we weren't exactly prepared for freezing weather.  However, our tiny wood stove has proven sufficient to heat the place, since we have SIP (structurally insulated panel) made walls.  We also use a little Edenpure on days we just need to take the chill off, which works awesome (and let me remind you, we use no more than 15 total amps).

While we're nice and toasty inside, our waterline outside is not.  We haven't bought any heat tape or heated hoses because we don't plan on needing them much in the future.  Instead, we disconnect the waterline during the nights it freezes, and now also the days when it's freezing out.  Before each freeze we fill up all our water containers and pots to use when we need to wash our hands, brush our teeth, and stay hydrated... which is surprisingly not all that annoying.

So although I don't mind living a night or two without running water, I can't wait until tomorrow (when it should be warm enough to turn the water back on) so I can wash some dishes and get the laundry done (which has been backing up.)

THE AWNINGS!  The awnings were made in July, which is how long it has been since I think I've posted another photo of the whole house with the awnings.  Anyway, these were specifically built to help with the massive amounts of rain we were getting this summer, and to stop the doors and any windows from leaking.  They were designed to be able to be taken down by one person, very quickly.  It's a good temporary solution, which will be easy to travel with (and at the same time will be protecting the doors and windows from road debris).  Anyway, again, we weren't planning on these ever supporting a few inches of snow... so we had to take them down and brush off the pretty snow before they collapsed or warped...

THE NEW BLUE SIDING!  We're loving the new blue!  It's much darker and how I originally imagined it.  Although you can't see the burgundy roof in this photo because it's covered in a blanket of snow, it coordinates much better with this navy blue than the original light blue!  What do you think?

Anyway, even though I dread the long Indiana winters, I always enjoy the first several snows of the year, which I'm sure is something I will miss once we leave.

So what do we do on one of these crazy tiny house snow days?

We make pumpkin spiced pancakes for a yummy weekend breakfast, we watch videos on our phones, we reorganize the entire house, we nap, and most importantly, WE PLAY IN THE SNOW!
Happy Snow Day from The Pequod!
 November 22, 2015

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