Christmas Time Is Here!

As soon as we got home from our Thanksgiving weekend, I started the Christmas decorating.
I wanted to decorate the Pequod like a gingerbread house, but I didn't have that idea until after I had already bought the white LED lights.  In the future, I'll probably switch to colored lights, because I know they're more fun for the kids. :)

I did get the colored lights to decorate the inside, which I put up under the plexiglass catwalk...
And I found these adorable tiny stockings to fit the tiny house. :)
I had a major parent fail and already filled their stockings before Christmas. :/  And now we hear about them every single day. Oops!  

We got a tiny little Christmas tree for the table, which the kids had fun decorating as much as the "big" Christmas tree that we got for the loft.
And yes, they're fake trees, even though we've been working on our family's Christmas tree farm for the last 8 years.  It's just easier for this phase of our lives.  Maybe I'll get some real swags for the front door and some boughs for the outdoor bar ledge.
 The kids really love the lights under the catwalk.
Loki also contributes to the cozy Christmas spirit. :)

December 7, 2016

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  1. you could enjoy the contents of the stockings on Christmas Eve, then overnight Santa could fill them again