I keep asking myself if we're doing the right thing.

We're plucking our children out of an exceptional school and community to go forward with our upcoming adventure.  We plan on an extended "camping" vacation, and we'll go wherever the wind takes us.  We hope to be settled somewhere amazing when our daughter starts 1st grade next August.  Until then, we will be home-schooling her and her pre-school aged little brother.  My original thought was, they're only 4 and 6 years old, now is the best time to do this.

But last week when we had a conversation with our 6 year old about leaving her school and friends, she started tearing up.  It was finally becoming real to her, now that she could actually count down the days.  Her huge tears started to fall, which gave me a lump in my throat.

She decided to make "Goodbye Cards" for her entire Kindergarten class.  Here's one of them (WARNING: it's a tear jerker. Well, it was for me.)...

On another note, recently the kids made gingerbread houses, which has been a non-stop temptation for their sticky little fingers...

Every moment these little houses of temptation were in their presence, they'd either be asking to eat them, or be sneaking pieces off of it.  When we decided that we'd like to have our kitchen table back, Aaron put the gingerbread houses outside on the deck.  And you'd never guess what happened!  The kids were no longer temped by them.  They completely forgot about their gingerbread houses.  And now they're really gone, and the kids have not asked about them once.  

This is my hope: in the future the kids will see photos of their old school and friends, the gingerbread houses they made as young kids, as well as all the fun places we visited as a family, and they'll remember.  They'll have warm and fuzzy thoughts about all the good times, and realize they had been on an adventure the whole time.

December 18, 2015


  1. as the mother of a 44 year old I have to say you'll always have doubts about your children and how what you do will affect them. Encourage your daughter to stay in touch with her friends. who knows some may be lifelong friends and some will be left behind. That will happen whether she's there or not. I took my pre teen daughter to Scotland for three years and boy was she obstinate! but she looks back upon that time with fondness and even wants to go back

    You'll be making memories with this journey

    1. Thank you for the encouragement Linda. :)