Tiny Catastrophe

Late the other night, while I was in the loft, I heard some pretty colorful words come out of Aaron's mouth in a sing-song kind of way (his way of staying calm?).  I could tell it was something serious and a really big deal (to Aaron).  I jumped up and almost hit my head on the loft ceiling as I scurried down the wooden steps to see what in the world would have caused such an outburst.

Our bathroom and closet floors were soaked!  Our first thought was that the washing machine must be leaking, but we didn't find that to be the case, so Aaron took off the wall to see the piping.  

Sure enough, there was our problem.  A busted pipe.  A big ugly busted pipe...

Aaron has somewhat of a phobia of water/plumbing/flooding, etc. because of a childhood home that always flooded and kept his parents on edge.  Whenever water is present where it should not be, Aaron is very tense.  Anyway...

We came to the conclusion that the damage was probably done earlier when we were turning into the RV park.  The back right trailer tire slipped off the corner of the pavement and we think that's when the pipe cracked, because when we went inside to check on things the shower drain pipe had been pushed up a couple inches, which can only be caused by something hitting the drain pipe from under the trailer... the hazards of a drop axel trailer.  

So we got up as much water as possible with our bath towels, then propped up the wood floor, and turned on the fans and let them do their thing as we stood there and watched for several minutes before realizing there was nothing else we could do at that moment.  

But what felt like a big deal when it happened, turned into a very manageable situation.  When we finally went to bed for the night I told Aaron, "If this is the greatest problem we have, than we have it made!"  

The next morning, Aaron made a Lowe's run to get some fiber fix repair stuff, but we decided to put things back in place and take care of the broken pipe at our next location since we needed to get on the road before the weather turned for the worse.  So, right now, we can't use our washer/dryer... but not a big deal since our current location has both! :)

January 23, 2016

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