Week On The Creek

We made it safely to our 3rd location, driving through rain and traffic... and this time, in DAYLIGHT!  We were pretty proud of ourselves. :) One thing that was noticeably different about arriving before sundown was the crowd our tiny house attracted.  I'm pretty sure every single person at the campground came up to us as we were setting up to meet us and ask questions.

We decided to stay a week at Foscue Creek Park (a park managed by the Army Corps of Engineers), north of Mobile, Alabama.  Our camping spot is just off the Black Warrior River which is at a state wildlife management area.

Aaron decided to let the kids pick out some new fishing poles so we can all go fishing together.  Aaron and I don't have much experience fishing, but our daughter has mentioned several times that she wants to try fishing.  So fishing we go...

Watch out for little brothers with fishing poles!!

Both kids got really good at casting, but you definitely wanted to be aware of Simon's hook! 

Simon was a having quite a bit of fun and being pretty silly... 

My favorite fishing photo of Selah, as she kept saying how much she liked fishing because it was so "peaceful".

I thought this was a perfect beer for the occasion, as Foscue Creek was exactly that, a side trip... which ended up being a really awesome place!

And I wasn't sure if we'd catch anything, so I went ahead and brought my own fish. ;)

We didn't end up having luck with catching any fish... but Aaron did catch something!  He was able to fish Simon's fishing pole out of the lake, after Simon casted a little too enthusiastically...

Across the lake from us was an old Marine that invited the kids to watch him process a catfish.  It was an eye opener for them, since we eat a lot of fish.

They even sent us home with some catfish to try, when I mentioned I'd never had any.

He also invited the kids for a boat ride, which of course the kids loved!

It's very tranquil here, and simply lovely with all the birds and nice weather.  I had a lot of fun photographing the beautiful birds!  I'm glad Aaron convinced me to park here for the week before we escape to Florida.

And finally a park that has several paved paths & roadways, so we can bike as a family!

Since we've been here in Alabama I've seen the southern hospitality that everyone talks about.  Everybody has been so nice and friendly!  We will definitely miss Foscue Creek Park and all the awesome people here!  This park is definitely one I would recommend to any winter campers!  

Soon we will be taking off to go even further South to the Sunshine State!  

January 27, 2016


  1. Love the post.....we miss you and the kids!!! Tell Simon and Selah the "silly man" and I say "hi".....

    1. We miss you too! We were just talking about you and Ed (silly man) over lunch! :)

  2. Looks amazing! Photos look like they've been taken straight out of an outdoors/adventure magazine!

  3. P.S. love that the beer made it into the pics!