Everything's Bigger in Texas

We made it to Texas!  

I didn't even notice the tagline until now.  Ha!  Are they being sarcastic? "Drive Friendly - The Texas Way"  Hmmmm... I almost got run off the road twice by impatient drivers within an hour after crossing the state line.  Not only that, a road that would be 45 or maybe 55 mph in Indiana is 75 mph in Texas.  Terrifying.  I didn't even feel comfortable going the speed limit when it was just us in the truck, so I was passed by many locals.  

We parked the Pequod right across from a lake in East Texas and settled in for a few days:

Hot coffee, fresh air, and a view from my front deck... this is the way I prefer to start my mornings...  

The other evening we used my tripod to take some long exposure shots of us sitting around the fire.  This one turned out to be my favorite... :)

Yesterday we went on a nature hike scavenger hunt and found all kinds of cool things.  But Sweet Mother of Moses, those freaky jumping spiders I could do without... and those fire ants (some advice: don't wear flip-flops on a Texas hiking trail)!

So instead of enjoying my beautiful surroundings, I was instead concentrating on avoiding the millions of spiders jumping around my feet.  I swear, this spider actually aggressively attacked Aaron's shoe.  I have never seen a spider do that.  It was a pretty small spider, but it had a HUGE Texas attitude!  I was very happy to get back on my bike!  

Everything's bigger in Texas... spider attitudes, even pine cones the size of your head:

But I did find something tiny here!  I feel in love with this tiny little island down the road from us:

I want to live on this island.

Tomorrow we take off to Texas location #2... a mystery for now.

February 22, 2016

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