Florida PII (Militarized)

Part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore is right on the same island as historic Fort Pickins, which is across the bay from a U.S. Naval Air Base and the Naval Air Museum.  Both were FREE!  Woot!

We were within biking distance to the fort, so we took a family bike ride to visit. Because it was free and so close to our campsite, we got to go visit a few times.  This place is seriously cool, and I'm glad I brought my camera; it's a photographer's dream subject matter!  

Aaron and the kids found this canon particularly irresistible, maybe because it had a huge sign that read, "PLEASE STAY OFF CANON".  To be fair, it didn't say anything about staying out of the canon.  It was fun figuring out the canon balls were head sized, I guess?  

Anyway... the apple doesn't fall far from the tree... obviously.

All this canon shoots now is sunshine... ;)

I've always thought the reverse-arch engineering for collecting rainwater was brilliant, and it makes for beautiful architecture:

Fort Pickins was pretty neat!  
Now on to the Naval Air Museum!

Airplanes are pretty much Simon's favorite thing of all time...

There were a bunch of planes and helicopter cockpits that the kids got to climb into and play.

They started playing make-believe, but were taking it very seriously. "MAYDAY! MAYDAY!"

A miniature version of the USS Enterprise... I am such a sucker for miniatures!  Aren't they adorable!

The kids noticed this neat statue art and decided to replicate it with their daddy... 

A nice Airman wanted to make sure Selah had a chance to check out the museum section on female pilots: 

Aaron came across this exhibit  of a guy named Flores, who he remembers from his time in the Marine Corps:

We went to the gift shop to get my magnet (which I collect from every place we visit), and Aaron noticed they had the Iraq War Veteran hats available with all the ribbons now, so he had to get one.  I think he looks damn good in it, what do you think?  People have already been nicer to him when he wears it. ;)

Pensacola and this Naval Air base is the home of the Blue Angels.  I realized (when we got home) that I forgot to photograph the four Blue Angel planes in the diamond formation that were perfectly displayed right above us in all their glory.  Oh well.  I did snap a couple close up shots of a plane:

I'm going to miss this beautiful island!  Being so close to the military base, we got to see several jets and helicopters flying in formations throughout the day and evening.  I'm going to miss the excitement of the super loud roaring as they rip through the sky.  

The Pequod felt at home by the seashore, but it's time to move on...

Although we have thoroughly enjoyed our two weeks in Florida, we are excited for the next adventure as we actually head West for the first time!  We'll be traveling through Alabama to Mississippi.  I can't wait to see what Mississippi has in store for us! :D

February 12, 2016 


  1. Thanks for the awesome photos, I felt like I was right there with you. ❤