Fun in MiSSiSSiPPi

Our adventure in Mississippi got off to a rough start, but it turned out okay.  :)

We parked at the Davis Bayou Area campground, which is part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore.

And who can complain when there are beautiful wild flowers in the middle of February? 

We noticed the cute little turtle crossing signs right away, something you don't see in Indiana:

Sure enough, there were lots of turtles:

The tadpoles here are GINORMOUS, but unfortunately no giant frogs made an appearance.

And of course we had to find the alligators!  Our awesome Park Ranger (Michael) told us where we could find one sunbathing just down the street from our parking spot... 

And in case you couldn't figure it out for yourself:

While here we went on bike rides and hikes.  This trail was very close to our campsite and just the right length for a family...

 We didn't have any firewood but we were allowed to gather any fallen branches for campfires... this is what Aaron found:

Selah was pretty proud of her hard work!

Campfires are my favorite!  Aaron decided to get all artsy and snap a photo of me staring at the fire...

Valentines Day morning I woke up to this:

Aaron used the sand and seashells from our last adventure in Florida (forethought, check):

Aaron hates holidays like Valentines Day, but he still humors me. :)

Aaron spent the rest of Valentines Day redoing the entire exterior plumbing.  Remember the busted pipe?  Well, hopefully that won't ever be a problem again.

Anyway, now that that's fixed, let's go explore some of Biloxi!

Our first stop was to the visitor's center, where I learned that I've been saying Biloxi wrong all along.  I've been saying it "Bi-LOX-ee"... you know, that way it's spelled. ;)  

 Anyway, while driving down the coast, I noticed a LOT of land for sale just beside the ocean.  Obviously the coast hasn't been completely rebuilt since Hurricane Katrina, which makes me wonder if a community comprised of tiny houses on wheels would be an ideal addition to the Mississippi coast:

Biloxi is full of GORGEOUS Live Oak trees!  

When hurricane Katrina hit, most of the huge oaks survived the storm, but some did not.  So, a brilliant artist turned the remaining tree stumps into gorgeous wood carvings all the way up and down the Biloxi coastline...  

We also really enjoyed a place that was recommended to us by the locals:

This place made good used of those beautiful oak trees:

There were so many things to discover here:

A tiny house just Simon's size:

Then Aaron discovered Kid's Street.  Ummm, the coolest place EVER!  This place is what my dreams are made of!  I would have LOVED this as a kid... I know because I LOVE it now!

I'm in tiny house heaven: 

Just doing a little tiny yard work...

Lots of things to see and do inside as well, especially more "make-believe" play (their favorite):

And all kinds of other neat stuff:

There were lots of educational exhibits here too, like this cool pulley system:

 This place was pretty magical.  I'm so glad we listened to the locals! ;)

 After our fun day at the Discovery Center, we made our way back to the Biloxi beach by the pier and lighthouse:

We enjoyed our 5 days in Mississippi, but today we move on to explore Louisiana!

February 16, 2016


  1. If you get a chance to visit the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans there are huge oak trees the children can play on and City Park has more oaks than you can possibly count.

    I'm so pleased you're enjoying the Gulf Coast. We love it

    1. Thanks Linda! I did look up the zoo, but decided with the limited time we ended up getting in LA, we couldn't squeeze it in. We really have loved our time on the Gulf Coast!

  2. You guys just passed up Rayne, La! How sweet!

    1. Cool! We loved LA! What a great state! ;)