Hello Mississippi, Goodbye Awning.

Well hello there, Mississippi!  

M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I... always fun to spell.

This road trip was our shortest trip to date, but it turned out to be the most stressful (not including our maiden voyage of course).  The kids seemed to be in rare form and would not stop fighting, yelling, complaining, or just asking repetitive questions just quietly enough from the backseat to annoy the hell out of us.  And then...

Just after entering Mississippi, while on a long bridge over the river, something caught Aaron's eye outside the passenger side mirror... the awning on the side of our house (which is folded down during transport) was starting to bow heavily in the middle.  With panic in his voice, Aaron told me to slow way down... "to like 30mph".  I quickly informed him that we were on the I-10 and the speed limit was 70mph, with a minimum of 40mph.

He told me he didn't care, so I slowed to under 40 and put on the hazards as we waited for the bridge to end... which at this point felt like the longest bridge I've ever crossed.  Finally, and thankfully, there was a rest stop just waiting for us immediately after the bridge ended.  

The damage was done.  The bowing about snapped the awning support in half, which could have been disastrous!  I mean, if this aluminum sheet can cut your hands badly by just dropping it, imagine the damage it could have caused to another vehicle or person flying at 55mph if the wind ripped it off the house.  VERY scary to think about!

  It had been bowing slightly in the middle ever since the beginning of our trip, but we were having a hard time trying to figure out how to secure the middle.  We always kept our eye on it, and hoped it would hold up.  Well, it didn't, so off it goes...

Thankfully some sweet Mississippi tiny house enthusiasts saw us pull off into the rest stop and helped us take down the awning...

Aaron had to disassemble the awning to fit the pieces into our truck.   

The awning served us well during the crazy Indiana weather, but I'm glad she's gone!  We'll miss the extra protection of our front doors and window while towing, but the fold-up deck still works as a great shield, so I think they'll be okay.  After adding an extra hour to our trip, it was very nice getting back on the road without having to worry about that precarious bowing awning.  

Now, let's get to our new parking spot and find some freaking alligators!

February 13, 2016


  1. it would be an added expense, but could you attach an RV awning? rolls up into a tube when not in use

    1. I've definitely considered it. I haven't looked into pricing yet though. We've had to add a few expensive additions to the tiny house along the way already, so anything that's not a necessity may have to wait a while.