Sand, Sunsets and Seashells

We really enjoyed our stay at the Gulf Islands National Seashore! 

That really isn't a surprise though...

The ocean was just a short walk from our campsite...

I just can't stand it, those sugar covered toes... <3

Here Selah is building a tiny sand castle: ;)

I have to build a paramid every time I go to the beach.  It's just something I have to do...

Here Selah is solving math problems that her daddy wrote in the sand:

School is SO hard...

There was lots of shell hunting and sorting going on back at camp...

One day we went out for lunch at "Peg Leg Pete's" where we got to eat the local yummies. We all had grouper in some form (chowder, tacos, nuggets).  They even had a hot sauce named after me!

Out on our adventure exploring the Island, we also came across the very first tiny house we've ever seen in action besides our own (parked at a different RV park)...

The excitement continued at "home" (our campground) when Aaron found an armadillo on the side of the trail!

We also met some new friends... another traveling family!!

The Pequod was quite a spectacle at the RV park and AT LEAST (not exaggerating here) 40 people took a photo of our house.  We're used to it by now, so we don't really mind.  Most people ask if they can take a photo when we're outside, so once my son saw a lady walking by and asked her, "Do you want to take a picture of our house?"... yes, that happened.  But her reply actually saved me from embarrassment, she said, "I already got a picture!" :D

Seriously, our kids are weird.  But I suppose that is our own making.  Here I was trying to snap a quick picture of our daughter out "walking the cat" and greeting new campers... weird enough, ya know, until my son jumps in front of the door declaring to be a yoga monster at that exact moment:


One day we got to the beach just before sunset and the pelicans were busy catching their dinner.  It was a sight to see so many pelicans fishing and diving into the water for their evening meal.  I captured a couple dive bombs that night...

I also couldn't help but notice these dead trees that were all over the island... evidence of a violent past, but with new growth proving resilience and representing rebirth, a fresh start.  Instead of seeing them as an eyesore, I actually really enjoyed seeing these beautiful trees:

Here's the same tree as above, but in HDR:

Goodbye Sunshine State, thanks for all the beautiful sand, sunsets, and seashells!  We'll miss your super awesome beach ball water tower! :)

*Stay tuned for Florida Part II (Militarized)

February 11, 2016


  1. Awesome, so happy you had a great time. Tell the kids "Hi" for us. Safe travels. Oh, Great Pictures!!!

  2. Wow, looks like you all had fun! Super jealous of the sunshine!