Our first adventure in Mississippi was to the ER.

The kids and I were riding bikes to go see some wild alligators just outside our campsite.  Simon's excitement translated into him peddling as fast as his fat little feet would go, and not listening to his mommy as she demanded he slow down while riding down the hill.  

Watching helplessly from my bike about 25 ft behind, I saw the ominous wobble ~ wobble ~ wobble and knew exactly what was about to happen.  Sure enough, a long second later, he went down.  His tummy took the brunt of the fall, but his chin took quite a hit. 

Thankfully the kid didn't hit his head on the pavement, as I have a HUGE fear of head injuries (even though he was wearing his helmet).  So lots of tears, 3 stitches and one donut later, Simon was back to his normal self...

I'm seriously thankful that this was the reason that sent us to the ER.  This is pretty much the best case scenario for an ER visit!  It could have been so much worse!

February 13, 2016


  1. We passed you guys on I10 in MS today near the Biloxi exit. My kids were so excited to see a tiny house moving down the interstate :) My daughter immediately looked up your website from the "window sign". The house looks very cool. Safe travels y'all!

    1. Awesome! We loved Biloxi! Thanks Leanne! :)