"Wind Advisory"

I mentioned we were headed to Texas location #2 in the last post.  Well, that's true, we did move to Texas location #2.  However, instead of driving 5 hours to our next Texas location, we drove about 45 seconds... to the campsite a couple hundred feet away.

I said from the beginning that we were going to follow the weather.  Not only did I mean away from frigid cold, but also from hazardous road conditions.  The day we were supposed to leave (Tuesday), the forecast spoke of severe storms and a "Wind Advisory" in effect for the next two days.  The advisory specifically said that it would be difficult to drive for "high profile vehicles"... which, we are.  So, we cancelled our reservations at the next place and we were fortunate enough to secure the last spot in this campground for the next two nights.

We may have lost $37 dollars in the process, but we played it safe, and I'm glad we did.  Just South of us...
"The stormy weather canceled school in parts of South Texas and apparently contributed to a school bus flipping on a rain-slick highway in Houston."  
US NEWS article about it here.

Up until now, we've been very lucky as we have been able to take off just before all the bad weather and road conditions.  The day we left Kentucky, a "Winter Weather Advisory" was in effect for that evening.  We then got out of Tennessee just before their "Winter Storm Warning" was announced.  We then spent some time in Alabama only to find out later (while in Pensacola) there were tornado warnings where we were.

Well, I'd still say we are lucky.  The severe storms that started in Texas on Tuesday actually made their way through each Gulf state we just visited.  In fact, a tornado killed 2 people at an RV park near New Orleans (see above photo) right near where we stayed last week.  And another tornado killed someone in Mississippi, and ANOTHER tornado in Pensacola, Florida... where we stayed a few weeks ago.

NBC NEWS article about it here.

I feel like we've been leaving a trail of storms and destruction. :(

Let me go ahead and preemptively apologize to all the upcoming destinations on our trip!


We made the most of the 2 extra days at this beautiful lake and decided to go back to the hiking trails to make some molds of any wildlife footprints we found.  This time I came prepared with sneakers, knee high socks and an 80's tight roll... I wasn't going to let the fire ants and jumping spiders ruin my fun:

The ants and spiders were the least of my concern when I ran into this guy...

After careful consideration, we realized the snake was dead.  Yikes!

Well, I just finished my morning coffee, so I better get the house ready for the move today.  So off we go to Texas location #3!

Thursday, February 25, 2016


  1. Your adventures sound fun! What sort of prep is necessary inside the Pequod to get ready for travel? Do you have to lock everything down?

    1. Lots! I imagine it's similar to an RV/Travel Trailer prep though. We do have to lock everything down. We use a bunch of bungee cords, tape and latches. Some kitchen and bathroom stuff on shelves comes down too. I usually work on the inside while my husband gets the outside ready for travel. It's about the same amount of time, a good half hour to 45 minutes. I was thinking about making a time lapse video of us prepping the house to move. But I think I should probably make a video walkthrough of the house first. ;)

    2. I'd watch that. :) I'm not actually familiar with what it takes to prep an RV. I can sort of picture it, though.

  2. You see that RV with the big D on the front? I live in one of those, just an older model. when your home is on wheels, watching the weather is a daily job. We try to avoid the Gulf States and the mid west in Spring. But ugly weather is everywhere these days. If you're at a campground and you get high winds or tornado weather you can always hunker down in the rest rooms, those buildings are pretty sturdy. and we've stayed at campgrounds that had storm shelters (usually underground).

    1. The restrooms usually look pretty solid. We normally try to park close by.