The Lone Star State

After spending a week at Twin Dikes, Texas, we drove through 2 National Forests along the way to our 2nd Texas location, Granger Lake.  It was a pretty uneventful roadtrip (which is always a good thing).

We loved our parking spot at Granger Lake!  This time we had a lake front spot, and pretty much had our own private rock beach front.  Here was the view out our front doors:

We can't keep these kids out of the water.  No matter if the water is as cold as the Gulf.

While at Granger Lake, I had a reunion with my dear friend from school.  She only lives a half hour drive away in Georgetown, Texas.  We hadn't seen each other in over 15 years!

It was such a great day, catching up and watching our kids become instant friends...

We had so much fun that we drove out to Georgetown the next day to spend even more time together! :)


Another thing we had to do while here was to visit the state capital, Austin.  I've heard so much about it, and it did not disappoint!  We spent the day downtown and we all had a great time!

We started out walking around the popular 6th street to get a feel for the city...

After 6th street, we got back in the truck and headed down to "SoCo" or South Congress Street.

It took a while to find a decent place to park, since we weren't willing to spend the $7.  But we found a place next to this adorable little THOF (Tiny House On Foundation, as tiny house enthusiasts like to call them):

On our walk to lunch, we noticed some peculiar lawn ornaments... look closely...

Yep, that's a mannequin leg.

We decided on a taco bar for lunch.  NBC news was doing a story there, so we figured it must be a hot spot:

The restaurant was so busy and flustered (because of NBC, I presume), that they actually cleared our table half way through our lunch while we went on a potty break with the kids.  The management ended up giving us our meal for free, since the kids hadn't even touched their food yet.  While there, Aaron heard something about Bernie Sanders showing up.  We didn't stay around long enough to find out if he ever did, or why NBC News was there.  We went on and decided to try one of the numerous food trucks parked throughout downtown Austin:

We then topped off our bellies with Austin's famous ice-cream place down the road, Amy's Ice Cream... While their coffee ice-cream was pretty good, I don't recommend having them mix in Junior Mints.  That was my bad idea.  But the kids really enjoyed theirs, with sprinkles on top, of course!

After ice-cream, we walked around, we pet some dogs, we did some window shopping and then headed on over to a wide open city park to let the kids get out the rest of their energy before heading home.

While at the park, we heard the creepy "car alarm" bird.  As you can probably guess, sounds exactly like a car alarm.  So weird!  On our way home we came across our first underpass that we wouldn't have been able to take with our house attached:

After staying at Granger Lake for a week, we headed West yet again.  Texas is pretty huge, so we ended up at 3 different locations just to get through it!  Our 3rd Texas location was in West Texas, in a small city called San Angelo.  We stayed at the San Angelo State Park.... once again on a Texas lake. :)

This place was very serene and the weather was absolutely perfect.  There were tons of little miniature desert flowers blossomed all over... yellow, purple and white...

One thing I learned quickly while here was that you should always wear shoes, and never sit down on the ground.  I had to pick a bunch of these little guys off the bottom of my foot and the seat of my pants:

While here we spent time doing the same old: nature hikes, fishing, and bike riding.  There were a lot of dead cacti for whatever reason.  Aaron and I both thought that they looked like giant pumpkin seeds from a distance...

I don't know... I don't see any strawberries...

Now this is better, greener and, wait... are those wild turkey?

This place also had a pretty great playground too, which is always the highlight for the kids:

They even had a balance beam!  I couldn't resist...

Once the kids saw me messing around on the beam, they had to give it a try...

And Aaron too, of course.

All in all, Texas was everything I ever imagined it to be. ;)  Maybe next time we'll visit some of the typical Texas stops, such as Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, hill country, Big Bend National Park, or even some of the famous spots in Austin, such as Barton Springs Pool, that we missed this time around.

Texas in a Nutshell:
  • The best roads in the country
  • Really fast, insane drivers and speed limits
  • Lots of spiders (and they jump)
  • Very nice government run campgrounds, forests, trails and lakes
  • A really awesome state capital (Austin)
  • Lots of taxidermy businesses
  • Trucks, trucks everywhere
  • A whole bunch of ranches, and large entrance "gates" (or whatever)
  • Lots of Texas pride (state flag sometimes flown at the same height as the US flag)
  • Texas shaped gear or "Lone Star" gear at every single store
  • There are "Historical Mile Markers" every 5 miles or so (I'm almost not exaggerating)
  • A bunch of beautiful birds
  • A lot of spiders (worth noting twice)
  • You can't sit down in the grass, because you'll either get fire ants in your pants, or get stabbed by the "grass"

Today we left San Angelo and adventured on to New Mexico!

March 5, 2016

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  1. Love the pics, you guys are having so much fun! Oh,and Aaron makes a beautiful ballerina...