I Knew This Day Would Come.

Wow.  That was a fun day.  And by "fun" I mean awful.

As if yesterday in Phoenix wasn't stressful enough, trying to find an RV spot that didn't exist for the night, only to learn we needed to keep driving another hour.  Also, we never would have thought that Phoenix would be the city we needed to worry about low hanging tree branches.  We ended up hitting several (about 6 or 7) smaller tree branches and one large branch.  The large branch was about two millimeters short, and it rubbed the highest point of the roof and put a tiny little indent in the corner.  I just brushed it off as added character, not a huge worry.

I thought the huge worries were behind us with the blown out tires back in Benson, Arizona.  Sigh.

Well, to start the day, this morning back at Cordes Lakes, Arizona (just North of Phoenix), Aaron shattered his phone.  Thankfully he has his old, untrustworthy, barely useable phone that he can use until he gets a new one.

But that wasn't the huge worry, unfortunately.  After putting several hundred into our truck back in Benson, and a couple thousand into the new trailer tires, our truck decided to start making a mysterious and disconcerting screeching noise while headed up to Flagstaff.  We stopped in Camp Verde at an auto shop, and the mechanic could not figure out what in the world was causing the strange noise.

He sent us down the road to his diesel mechanic buddy, and after a long time trying to diagnose the issue, he's pretty sure the exhaust manifold blew a gasket.  He couldn't get the parts in until Monday, and since we already wasted a few hours and had reservations near Flagstaff, AZ for tonight, we figured we'd just limp up the mountains to our destination since the problem wasn't necessarily a safety hazard... just a very loud annoying noise.

Well we talked to a recommended mechanic up in Flagstaff, and he thinks it will run us over 2k to fix the problem.  Sigh.  Moby (our f-350 truck) has served us quite well so far, but we are seriously considering selling her here in Flagstaff and leasing a big ol' truck instead.  We've already put a few thousand dollars into Moby after we got her, so this is a little disappointing. :/  It was bound to happen, though.  I mean, I really was expecting this at some point in our trip.  I'm just glad we made it to a very nice RV park up near the Grand Canyon where we can stay a while to figure things out.

To top off the day though, while Aaron was setting up the house in our new parking spot, I got distracted, as usual, by the other campers coming to check out the tiny house and I didn't do my job of making sure the faucets and stove dials were off.  When Aaron finished up outside he opened the doors to the smell of rotten beans.  One of the stove dials was turned and propane had filled the house. THANK GOD it wasn't enough to ignite the spark when shutting it off.

Anyway, thanks to all this mess, we're running out of "adventure money" quicker than we had hoped. "First World Problems", right?

March 18, 2016

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