RoadTrip U-Turn!

We had a great road trip to our new RV spot this go around, traveling along the I-40 and historic Route 66.  I had my camera packed up in the house this whole trip, so this post only contains cell phone photos, sorry!

Now that we know our truck is safe (just annoying) to drive, that takes a lot of stress off!  We also got a new lower hitch in an attempt to get our trailer more level, and now the trailer pulls better than before (mainly less sway).

We also unintentionally broke up the trip into 1 hour segments. We started in Williams, AZ and drove about an hour and decided to check out the famous Meteor Crater.  I stopped at the Meteor Crater over a decade ago while on my way (solo) across the country.  I remembered it being pretty cool, so I thought Aaron and the kids would enjoy it, as well as get some home-school points. ;)

The admission was WAY over priced, but we decided since we were there, we might as well...

We spent about 15-20 minutes actually looking at the crater, and about 35 minutes through the little museum.  The museum was nice and interactive for the kids, which they seemed to enjoy.

I'm pretty sure if Aaron wasn't allowed to explain things, he'd shrivel up and die...

Simon attempting to lift the heavy meteorite:

The Earth rock was much easier to lift... :)

After talking with some tiny house enthusiasts in the parking lot there, we then drove another hour to Petrified Forest National Park.

I never had high expectations for this park, as I've naively passed right by it several times while driving along I-40 in the past.  Both Aaron and I were SO GLAD we decided to stop!  It was AWESOME!  And coincidentally, we passed by our new tiny house enthusiast friends while driving through the park! :) But first we started at the visitor's center to learn all we could:

I wish we had more than half a day to spend at the Petrified Forest, but I have a feeling I will be back again some day. :)  We were all a little glad that my camera was packed up for this visit, as I would have spent all my time taking photos, and I never would have left!  It was nice to simply enjoy my surroundings and experience the awesomeness alongside my family in the moment.

Do you see that big ol' petrified log sitting on the top here?

Aaron was in nerd heaven.  His main focus of study at Purdue was Soil Science, so he was geeking out a bit...

There was a long winding road throughout the park that had several observation points and trails.  

Aren't these petrified logs GORGEOUS!?

The sun was setting, and we hadn't driven in the dark since Kentucky, but we then drove another hour, to Gallup, New Mexico to our new RV spot.  

If you didn't catch that... yes, we're BACK in the wonderful state of New Mexico!  

"Wait... what?  I thought you were headed West, not back East!?"  

You're right, our original goal was to make it to the Pacific NorthWest... however, life happens and plans change.  I can't go into too much detail about it right now, but yes, we are headed East for now.  I'm just thrilled to be back in New Mexico, my favorite state so far (well, probably tied with Arizona)!


March 27, 2016

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