Good News & Bad News

I have good news and I have bad news.

Bad News First: Our tiny house adventure across the country has come to an end.  We wish we could go on adventuring for a few more months, exploring more national parks and forests, but life is dynamic and it has stopped us in our tracks... in Denver, Colorado.

Now the Good News: Aaron was offered a job in Denver that he couldn't turn down.  There's something to be said about job security (with all the benefits) when you have 2 small children.

I'm really sad about our trip being cut short, because I was most excited about visiting Sequoia National Park and The Redwoods in California, and exploring all of the Pacific North West.  Plus, Aaron's sister, Anna, lives in Portland, and we were hoping to find work there.  Unfortunately, nobody is hiring in the PNW, and if they are, they're not offering a living wage. :(

So anyway, the other bad news is we are no longer living in our tiny house at this moment.  It is currently in storage, while we are temporarily renting an apartment in Denver.  Now let me back up a bit...

For the past month, Aaron and I have been searching high and low for a place to park and live in our tiny house legally, in or around Denver, either in an RV park or on private property like we did back in Indiana.  Let me start with saying that Denver is not very friendly to the tiny house movement.  It is the only city on our entire trip where we've found this to be the case.  All the RV parks or lots within an hours drive commute to Aaron's new job either don't accept custom tiny houses, don't accept long term residents, are 55+ communities, or are completely full for the foreseeable future.

In the beginning while trying to convince Aaron (a bike commuting, public transport, and convenience lover) that moving into a tiny house was a good idea, I promised him that we would figure things out (like parking) as we go.  I also specifically promised him that I would never ask him to commute more than 30 minutes (something that's totally doable in Indiana), because he hates driving/commuting.  Despite this, Aaron sweetly offered to commute more than an hour for a while until we figured things out.  However, the only places we could find were about 1.5 hours commute, with zero cell service.  We tried living at an RV park in Loveland (1.5 hour commute) for 10 days, but realized his work wouldn't even be able to contact him while out there.

I even made a flyer for Craigslist trying to convince complete strangers that letting us park on their private land for some extra income every month was a good idea.  Aaron however, decided he didn't feel comfortable living on a strangers lot, and I agree that might be pretty awkward after all.

So what's our new plan?!  While our precious Pequod sits sadly in storage for now, we just moved into a centrally located Denver apartment a few days ago so we can get to know the area better.  In the meantime, we will be networking and trying to find some land to buy for our tiny house to sit on.

We don't consider this situation change a failure at all, because we know that life is dynamic and we're still happy... although moving into the apartment was a heart-wrenching decision.  We've been in the Pequod full-time for almost a full year (which was the original goal), and we have LOVED the tiny life!  So much so that when we reluctantly started looking for apartments we just wanted to find a small studio.  However, the laws in Denver require a family of 4 to live in at least a 2 bedroom apartment.  So, that's what we did, found a small (HUGE to us) 900 sq ft. 2 bedroom apartment.

The night before we moved out of the tiny house (the 20th), Selah cried because she was sad to be leaving our tiny home.  When we moved into the apartment, she said, "I don't feel the same in this house.  It feels weird."  We agree with our daughter.

We know this is only temporary, and we'll be back in the Pequod, so we move forward with smiles on our faces knowing that life is good and the future is what we make it.  Thanks for following along on our journey, I've had a lot of fun sharing our experiences with you all. <3

April 24, 2016

Behind The Scenes

Behind the Scenes from JANUARY...
Selah and I cuddle on the couch/bench after a long day at the Rocket & Space Museum 
Yes, we spread "chicken poop" on our lips when they're chapped... big hit with the littles 
The kids play legos in the dark after arriving at Foscue Creek in Alabama, because of electrical issues at the new RV spot.
Aaron working with Selah with homeschooling.
Selah working on her math outside on a nice Alabama winter day. 
My first dinner in Florida after a long day on the road.
The kids playing their games in their loft 
Behind the scenes from FEBRURY...
So.  Hungry.
The kid's favorite attractions are ALWAYS the playgrounds.
Simon disappeared for a minute before I found his bike parked outside our neighbor's cool teardrop trailer in Mississippi...
He invited himself in...
And they took over this poor doggie's bed.
Blood splatter from Simon's bike accident
The kids pretending to make fire
Aaron making walking sticks from driftwood he found down by the lake in Texas
Simon enjoying my jams by the campfire

Behind the scenes from MARCH...

My morning view while Aaron was fixing something on the eyebrow window 
Loki's favorite spot, the garden window.
The sign I added to the back of the house so people can satisfy their curiosity
One of Loki's favorite spots in the tiny house 
One day Selah brought home these mini bananas for me after grocery shopping with her daddy because she knows I love all things miniature.  :) 
Loki cuddling up in my bed. :)
For those that remember how Aaron and I met...  
I don't think I ever shared how we solved the eyebrow window privacy issue... with this neat window film we found at Meijer.
The kids learning about the center of mass with their Goldiblox toys 

Cuddle time happens often in the tiny house.
Behind the scenes in APRIL...
Food poisoning... fun times.
Dinner Breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  Thanks for the gift card Sinsabaughs! :) 
Simon throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of Canyon Road in Santa Fe
He's such a Momma's Boy (wearing my hat and sweatshirt)...
And she's such a Daddy's Girl. 
Aaron told the kids he wanted to take their picture, so this is what they did.
Same here.
Riding up to Pike's Peak we heard a "POP" from the backseat.  One of our chip bags popped from the air pressure change... my head felt similar.  
Aaron's always trying to snap a pic of me taking photos.

This is a photo after Selah threw a fit on top of Pike's Peak because we forgot to pack snow boots for her to play in the snow.  Her loyal brother promptly joined her in solidarity as they refused to explore the summit with us.
Some pretty light beams shooting through the portholes one morning
Selah playing superhero and pretending to shoot light beams from her hands
The day before this it was 70 degrees F.  Colorado.
Sometimes the kiddies sneak into our bed in the middle of the night.  
Just a normal morning eating cereal
One thing I do when I don't have cell service/internet... trim my split ends, one hair at a time.  Yep.
So there you have it, all the outtakes since January. :)

April 24, 2016

Colorado, Part 2

Today we left Riverside RV park in Loveland, CO.  While there we had zero cell reception, so that was a bit of a challenge.  You don't realize how much you use your cell phone until you don't get to use it anymore!  Loveland is a short (and gorgeous) drive through Roosevelt National Forest and Estes Park to Rocky Mountain National Park.  This is where we had a picnic once we arrived:

Not bad, huh?  Probably the most scenic picnic I've had in a while.  We spent the day exploring the park and soaking in all the beauty.

I'm thinking about getting this one printed to hang on my wall...

On our walk I mentioned that it looked like an animal should be hanging out down there... so, there goes my family...

We hope this little girl remembers this trip forever.  

 Aaron and I call this the "Hansel and Gretel"...

We then went up in elevation to Bear Lake:

Nice lake...

On our way out of the park, we had to stop for a gang of elk crossing the road:

While in Colorado we've seen a bunch of elk on numerous occasions.  Here are some young elk we came across:

This will probably be our last National Park sign for a while, more on that soon...

April 20, 2016