We are here in Colorado, and our first stop was Colorado Springs!  This place is FULL of awesomeness!  It is home to some gorgeous public parks and snow capped mountains... an outdoor lovers DREAM location!

A photo I snapped while at the top of Palmer Park.  In the distance is Pike's Peak, and Garden of the Gods.
While crossing the NM/CO border, we contacted Kelli, and old friend of Aaron's that now lives in Colorado Springs with her family.  We showed up on her doorstep the night we arrived... we ate pizza, drank some yummy CO craft beer, and caught up after many years while the kids got to know each other.  We also hung out together a couple other times during our week in the area, it was nice to see familiar faces!

One morning she even shared with us some amazing local donuts that we throughly enjoyed until the CO wind swept them away.

One day we drove to the summit of Pike's Peak.  You have to drive through Pike's National Forest to get there.

This is as legit as it gets...

Aaron found the highest point he could find:

The snow capped Rocky Mountains span across the center of the following photos:

The harrowing fun drive back down the mountain...

When we decided to head up Pike's Peak I hadn't yet gotten over my nasty head cold.  Well, it turns out that driving 14,110 feet to the top of a mountain isn't such a great idea when you're still sick.  My head felt like it was about to explode, since I am unable to "pop" my ears.  While on the way back down the mountain I started feeling much worse.  By the time we got back home my ears were throbbing, I felt dizzy and nauseous, and I had a temperature of 101.8F.  Aaron says my body "doesn't do life right".  I'd have to agree.

I started feeling better after a couple days, so we went to check out the famous Garden of the Gods:

After a quick tailgate picnic, we went right back out for some more hiking and climbing.

Down the road from our campsite was Red Rock Canyon, pretty much an extension of Garden of the Gods, with a pretty pond...

Exactly 10 years ago, Aaron and I honeymooned in Colorado.  It's fun that we ended up back in Colorado.  This place is amazing!

*This post was about a week late, as we are now up in Northern Colorado at an RV park with zero cell service.  I'm currently in town sitting in a library window as I update this.  We're about to get snowed in for several days, but I hope to update again soon!  

April 15, 2016

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