Good News & Bad News

I have good news and I have bad news.

Bad News First: Our tiny house adventure across the country has come to an end.  We wish we could go on adventuring for a few more months, exploring more national parks and forests, but life is dynamic and it has stopped us in our tracks... in Denver, Colorado.

Now the Good News: Aaron was offered a job in Denver that he couldn't turn down.  There's something to be said about job security (with all the benefits) when you have 2 small children.

I'm really sad about our trip being cut short, because I was most excited about visiting Sequoia National Park and The Redwoods in California, and exploring all of the Pacific North West.  Plus, Aaron's sister, Anna, lives in Portland, and we were hoping to find work there.  Unfortunately, nobody is hiring in the PNW, and if they are, they're not offering a living wage. :(

So anyway, the other bad news is we are no longer living in our tiny house at this moment.  It is currently in storage, while we are temporarily renting an apartment in Denver.  Now let me back up a bit...

For the past month, Aaron and I have been searching high and low for a place to park and live in our tiny house legally, in or around Denver, either in an RV park or on private property like we did back in Indiana.  Let me start with saying that Denver is not very friendly to the tiny house movement.  It is the only city on our entire trip where we've found this to be the case.  All the RV parks or lots within an hours drive commute to Aaron's new job either don't accept custom tiny houses, don't accept long term residents, are 55+ communities, or are completely full for the foreseeable future.

In the beginning while trying to convince Aaron (a bike commuting, public transport, and convenience lover) that moving into a tiny house was a good idea, I promised him that we would figure things out (like parking) as we go.  I also specifically promised him that I would never ask him to commute more than 30 minutes (something that's totally doable in Indiana), because he hates driving/commuting.  Despite this, Aaron sweetly offered to commute more than an hour for a while until we figured things out.  However, the only places we could find were about 1.5 hours commute, with zero cell service.  We tried living at an RV park in Loveland (1.5 hour commute) for 10 days, but realized his work wouldn't even be able to contact him while out there.

I even made a flyer for Craigslist trying to convince complete strangers that letting us park on their private land for some extra income every month was a good idea.  Aaron however, decided he didn't feel comfortable living on a strangers lot, and I agree that might be pretty awkward after all.

So what's our new plan?!  While our precious Pequod sits sadly in storage for now, we just moved into a centrally located Denver apartment a few days ago so we can get to know the area better.  In the meantime, we will be networking and trying to find some land to buy for our tiny house to sit on.

We don't consider this situation change a failure at all, because we know that life is dynamic and we're still happy... although moving into the apartment was a heart-wrenching decision.  We've been in the Pequod full-time for almost a full year (which was the original goal), and we have LOVED the tiny life!  So much so that when we reluctantly started looking for apartments we just wanted to find a small studio.  However, the laws in Denver require a family of 4 to live in at least a 2 bedroom apartment.  So, that's what we did, found a small (HUGE to us) 900 sq ft. 2 bedroom apartment.

The night before we moved out of the tiny house (the 20th), Selah cried because she was sad to be leaving our tiny home.  When we moved into the apartment, she said, "I don't feel the same in this house.  It feels weird."  We agree with our daughter.

We know this is only temporary, and we'll be back in the Pequod, so we move forward with smiles on our faces knowing that life is good and the future is what we make it.  Thanks for following along on our journey, I've had a lot of fun sharing our experiences with you all. <3

April 24, 2016


  1. I am so sad for you guys! Really, I am! I am surprised at Denver and super disappointed at it for being so closed minded.

  2. when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade! Will you continue to home school or let the children enjoy school with other students?

  3. I find myself both sad and happy for you and your family. Your post brings up an interesting point about Small House living that can easily catch one by surprise. I suppose I thought that all RV parks would welcome a Tiny House for a less-than-permanent stay, I am surprised to hear that they don't. I will miss your updates for now. Hopefully, you can at least pull her out of storage for some vacations and short trips in the near future and you could post about those. Blessing to you all...

  4. Best of luck to you in finding a place for your tiny home. Love following your adventure. Got to meet you and Aaron briefly in Florida. We were the couple from New Hampshire camped next to you in the Winnebago View your final week At Ft Pickens. Hope you can pick up your travels again at some point.
    Alan & Sue

  5. It is wonderful he found work in Denver and hopefully your tiny house will be active again soon, even if it is for a fun family vacation.

  6. Enjoyed reading adventurous I've been seriously thinking of doing it myself but the one big thing is where would I put it I could build it I am a single mom with special needs kid and I injured my hand really bad so I can't work full time looking for something that lower cost when you really think about what you need to live in getting back to basics hope you'll keep us updated if you found a place for your tiny home good luck to you

  7. My husband and I had seen pictures of your house before, but we just toured it at the Tiny House Jamboree this past weekend. We are also having a house built by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses, so I was interested to see your house (which is fabulous, by the way), but sad to hear of your troubles finding parking. We are (hopefully) about a month away from moving into our house in Durango and have yet to find parking. Our challenge is finding a place that is 1) tiny friendly, 2) pet friendly, 3) available. So far, haven't found a place that meets all 3 criteria. So best of luck to both of us! I am also blogging about our journey, so I'm stoked to have found your blog!