Reflections After 3 Months on the Road

3 months ago, I wasn't sure what to expect for our adventure across the US.

The day we took off...
Some things that have been a challenge on our adventure so far:
  • Figuring out how to keep everything secure in the tiny house while moving
  • Learning that Google GPS isn't perfect, and sometimes thinks a mail box = a post office
  • Trying hard not to duck in our truck while driving under low underpasses
  • Getting over the fact that the kids use a ton of gross public restrooms 
  • Answering everyone's same questions over and over, and over agin, without presenting any exasperation (actually we're pretty good at this). ;)
  • Awkwardly rejecting requests to tour our most personal space...
*** We have allowed several people to come in and tour the house, but it all depends on a few things: the mood we're in, if the place is a mess, if we're on the road and time is running, how the people go about showing interest or asking, if the people are actual tiny house enthusiasts or genuinely interested in the house vs. nosey nellies that feel they somehow are entitled to a tour of our home.
Some things I think we have rocked at:
  • Staying relatively calm during trials: busted pipes, popped tires, and truck & trailer problems
  • Gaining confidence towing, parking and setting up the tiny house
  • Keeping the kids happy
  • Dealing with time-zone changes
  • Eating at home most of the time, and only eating out on very special occasions
  • Only buying magnets for souvenirs and resisting purchasing most other "stuff"
Some things that were surprising:
  • That catfish are literally skinned alive in the South
  • When a teen in New Orleans complimented(?) our house by saying it was "Total Balls"
  • The spider that literally attacked Aaron's foot in Texas
  • The snake I walked up on while hiking in Texas
  • How unexpectedly awesome the Petrified Forest National Park was
Some interesting signs we've seen along the way:
  • Turtle Crossing in Mississippi
  • "Welcome to Texas... Drive Friendly, the Texas Way!"  
  • A sign the read, "DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS" in bold print, then "$500 fine for littering" in fine print underneath it.
  • Donkey Crossing Signs North of Phoenix
  • The ancient petroglyphs on giant boulders at the Petrified Forest.
  • Bear Crossing signs when you enter Colorado
Some facts we've learned along the way:
  • We are no good at fishing.
  • Fort Pickens was only ever used in combat during the Civil War.
  • What the heck a "bayou" is (Aaron already knew this)
  • Bat poop was actually mined for fertilizers and explosives (He knew this too).
  • Altitude sickness is a very real thing.
Some things that are memorable:
  • All the awesome full-timers we've met along the way
  • The massiveness of the caves under Kentucky
  • The amazing ambiance of the French Quarters in New Orleans, LA and Santa Fe, NM.
  • When Simon busted his chin open in MS trying to get to the alligators as fast as possible.
  • The birds swooping down and flying right over our heads during the "Birds of Prey" show in Willaims, AZ.
  • All the family hikes we've been on across the U.S.
Is there anything you all would like to know?

April 8, 2016


  1. This page is delightful! Thank you! (I'm SO thankful we didn't ask to see inside! The blog photos are priceless, and more than satisfies our curiosity...)

    1. Hehehe! We would have gladly shown you two inside! :) We'll be leaving the park Wednesday morning, so you're welcome to come check it out any time before then!