We've Moved!

For those that have followed our story, it has been quite dynamic. One year ago, we figured we'd be living in our tiny house parked on some nice & private Pacific Northwest land (either rented or owned).  Most of you know, we've had a lot of trouble and roadblocks in our chosen and preferred lifestyle.  We've looked at every possible angle trying to find a way to live happily in our tiny house, legally and in a safe area.  Of course, we also wouldn't compromise good schools and proximity to work as well.  This combination has proved impossible (I never thought I'd admit).

Moving to Denver has been life-altering.  I really do love Colorado, and the city of Denver.  However, it is impossible to live legally in a tiny house here.  It's also impossible to find a reasonably priced house with our criteria.  Sooo, for the last couple months I found myself resigned to the idea of looking for a house a little farther out that sat on some land that we could plop our tiny house and rent out the "big house".  I'm not going to put life on hold, and rent for the next 10 more years until legislators get with the times and change the laws to incorporate legal tiny house living on private property.  

Well, we DID find a house.  An awesome little 100 year old cottage/cabin up in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  It has a little parking area that will fit our tiny house perfectly.  The house sits on top a dirt drive, 5 minutes up a steep hill from a lake.  There are neighbors all around, and it is unincorporated land, however, it is still not legal to live in our tiny house full time in Jefferson County, Colorado. 

We bought the house anyway, and moved in last week.  We can park our tiny house up on our hill or down by the creek for now, and use it for guests or as an AirBnB.  We plan to live in the "big house" (1400 sq ft), but only in the 1000 sq ft on the first floor.  We plan on making the upstairs Master Suite (400 sq ft) an AirBnB rental.  The lot is just over half an acre (but all on a slope with giant pine trees).  

I never thought I'd be so excited about a property, but while walking down the irregular stone steps I was 100% sure about this place.  It is only a 37 minute drive to central downtown Denver, in a great school district, and in an awesome and safe community.  

I wanted to make the most of the time we had in our tiny house... and I feel like we did.  Our kids continue to ask when we'll move back into the tiny.  That will probably never happen, and I'm okay with that.  The young years where they are excited about the concept of tiny living may be slowly slipping away, and by the time it becomes legal, it may be too late.  But after finding this unique property, I am very excited to make the most of what we've found.  We have been given so many opportunities in life, and I didn't want this one to pass us by.  

We plan to continue our minimalist lifestyle, and not let physical processions own or role us.  We plan on taking advantage of the opportunity we have been afforded.  We plan to host lots of friends and family so they can enjoy this amazing place as well!  And since we have become so comfortable towing the tiny house, we envision taking her for family trips to National Parks throughout the years.  

Anyway, I know I don't owe anyone an explanation, but I wanted to be as real as possible.

October 27, 2016